Why junk food should be banned

Why parents (and schools) shouldn't ban junk food

Usually junk food is cheaper than the veggies and stuff. Well it would be good if you had a little bit of healthy food and some junk food so you have a choice Why should junk food be banned from schools?

This could potentially result in decreased academic performance. According to Consumer Health Digestthere are several types of food that are bad for brain health.

While getting rid of junk food might sound like a great idea off the bat, consider some of the repercussions at school.

While she realizes that this can be tricky for parents who adore junk food Why junk food should be banned, she also sees it as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to exercise willpower.

Furthermore, they have begun to incorporate healthier menu options in addition to the junk foods they offer. There are two reasons why Type 2 diabetes can be caused by eating too much junk food. My middle school had greasy pizza fries, junk food,etc.

Then, a few weeks later, her husband found six half-empty Coca-Cola cans hidden under their bed. But it was one of her cans—left out on a nearby living room table—that Ella had snuck off with. Nearlypeople die each year from complications associated with being obese or overweight.

However parents define junk food, Holland recommends they avoid presenting it as bad. Over consumption of junk foods is a major contributing factor in the obesity epidemic. Now it is too dangerous for their kids?

While 16 states have already adopted junk food regulation for their schools, other states might be more hesitant to do so.

Sixty million adults 20 percent of the population are obese. In addition, Type 2 diabetes can be induced by becoming overweight or obese.

However as many of you have stated on here it is the mentality of a child to explore things and rather than having my kid sneak unhealthy food I would rather him be educated about proper nutrition and be given the choice to decide whether he wants to eat those foods or not.

Instead of serving it in the school vending machines, they have switched over to serving carrots and other healthy foods. An across-the-board junk-food ban does not teach young people how to make healthy choices; it simply removes some of their options.

I use to eat junk food when I was bored and stuff, stopped it and feel way better. This could happen to any other canteen, and I strongly advise against it happening, as it will turn out not to work.

If food that is served in vending machines at schools has health benefits, it would help to ensure that students get proper nutrition. Junk food is bad for you in large quantities, but in the small amounts most people eat it in, it is not harmful. So to sum up I would like to see some junk food be banned but think if anything does ever happen it will likely be through regulation.

Additionally, junk food is still likely to be freely available at home. Many junk foods contain a high volume of sugar. Furthermore, some schools have already taken this step.

I really dont know. Poor eating habits developed at an early age lead to a lifetime of real health consequences. This effort is also being considered by a state lawmaker in California, according to Reuters.Junk food should be banned, IN MODERATION, for example, the government banned smoking of all kinds in public places, so the government should also ban junk food in schools as it is detrimental to children's education, and can cause them to be hyperactive, and.

Eisler believes that parents should provide “reasonable guidance” around junk food, allowing it in moderation—for example, once a week or at birthday parties. She notes that it should never be used as a bribe and that parents should be nonchalant about it, in order to keep treats from being extra tempting.

However it should be completely transparent what is IN that food, how it is made, and junk food companies should be banned from marketing it towards children or claiming in any way that it's a healthy or (less unhealthy) choice.

No, junk food should not be banned from schools. Junk food can raise money. Junk food in vending machines is a good way for school to raise money. Lots of kids gets junk foods from a vending machine, and the food usually costs about $$ which can help raise money for new furniture, school supplies, or even a class trip.

Should Junk Food Be Banned In Schools? Junk food has been blamed as a major contributing factor to the high rate of obesity and overweight cases in the U.S.

and across the world. In the United States, for instance, 20 percent of the population is categorized as either obese or overweight. A junk food ban doesn't necessarily mean healthier kids, just kids with fewer choices.

It's an issue that might never have a concrete answer. While some love the idea of only healthy foods at school, others don't like the idea of government taking choices away.

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Why junk food should be banned
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