Unpublished essay on the trinity

And I believe the whole Divine essence does truly and distinctly subsist both in the Divine idea and Divine love, and that each of them are properly distinct Persons. The Father appoints and provides the Redeemer, and Himself accepts the price and grants the thing purchased; the Son is the Redeemer by offering Himself and is the price; and the Holy Ghost immediately communicates to us the thing purchased by communicating Himself, and He is the thing purchased.

The other is in the visible creation, viz. Christ purchased for us true spiritual excellency, grace and holiness, the sum of which is love to God, which is [nothing] but the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in the heart. If the three in the Godhead are Persons they doubtless each of them have understanding, but this makes the understanding one distinct person and love another.

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I think the Word of God teaches us more things concerning it to be believed by us than have been generally believed, and that it exhibits many things concerning it exceeding [i. And if it were possible for a man by reflection perfectly to contemplate all that is in his own mind in an hour, as it is and at the same time that it is there in its first and direct existence; if a man, that is, had a perfect reflex or contemplative idea of every thought at the same moment or moments that that thought was and of every exercise at and during the same time that that exercise was, and so through a whole hour, a man would really be two during that time, he would be indeed double, he would be twice at once.

I ordered a psychology job there. God is Himself the portion and purchased inheritance of His people. The Holy Ghost is the purchased possession and inheritance of the saints, as appears because that little of it which the saints have in this world is said to be the earnest of that purchased inheritance.

When God considers of making any thing for Himself He presents Himself before Himself and views Himself as His End, and that viewing Himself is the same as reflecting on Himself or having an idea of Himself, and to make the world for the Godhead thus viewed and understood is to make the world for the Godhead begotten and that is to make the world for the Son of God.

See the note on chapter 21, 23, 24 [ 6 ] I think if we compare these places and weigh them we cannot doubt but that it is the same happiness that is meant in this Psalm which is spoken of there.

So that the Godhead therein stands forth in yet another manner of subsistence, and there proceeds the third Person in the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, viz. Therefore as God with perfect clearness, fullness and strength, understands Himself, views His own essence in which there is no distinction of substance and act but which is wholly substance and wholly actthat idea which God hath of Himself is absolutely Himself.

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I shall only now briefly observe that many things that have been wont to be said by orthodox divines about the Trinity are hereby illustrated. But Christ Himself expressly teaches us that by spiritual fountains and rivers of water of life is meant the Holy Ghost. Show full review on "Trustpilot" Suzy W.

The Trinity

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. They well represent the love and grace of God and were made use of for this purpose in the rainbow after the flood, and I suppose also in that rainbow that was seen round about the throne by Ezekiel Ezek. Proceeding [from] both the Father and the Son.

He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, "Show us the Father"? Which can be nothing else than the idea or knowledge repeated.

When we tell a child a little concerning God he has not an hundredth part so many mysteries in view on the nature and attributes of God and His works of creation and Providence as one that is told much concerning God in a Divinity School; and yet he knows much more about God and has a much clearer understanding of things of Divinity and is able more clearly to explicate some things that were dark and very unintelligible to him; I humbly apprehend that the things that have been observed increase the number of visible mysteries in the Godhead in no other manner than as by them we perceive that God has told us much more about it than was before generally observed.

The understanding is so in the Spirit that the Spirit may be said to know, as the Spirit of God is truly and perfectly said to know and to search all things, even the deep things of God. The knowledge or view which God has of Himself must necessarily be conceived to be something distinct from His mere direct existence.

But if it be meant that the real attributes of God, viz.In this essay, he explores the traditional doctrine of the Trinity philosophically and scripturally. Though he originally intended the essay to aid in explaining the doctrine to laypersons of the church, present-day readers may.

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An unpublished essay on the Trinity

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Unpublished Essay on the Trinity

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An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity

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Unpublished essay on the trinity
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