Thesis on multiferroic materials

Our studies reveal a different behavior as a function of isotropic pressure for NaBF3 with respect to oxides e. The magnetic properties of rare earth orthoferrites are interesting because of the magnetic interactions of the two different types of magnetic ions: Therefore, based on the results reported in this thesis, we expect that experimentalist and theoreticians can be motivated in characterization of fluorides, which can lead to a new set of unexplored materials with potential novel applications in electronics.

Thesis On Multiferroic Materials – 359257

Nonetheless, the fluoride family was left aside and little information is known about its possible ferroelectricity or mul- tiferroism.

There have been several studies on compositions of ferroelectric PbTiO3 and BaTiO3 with various ferromagnetic spinel ferrites. Additionally, We have predicted that NaMnF3 suffers a structural phase transition under pressure to a post-perovskite phase, where non- collinear ferromagnetism and large magnetic moment components are obtained within this high-pressure phase.

Materials exhibiting simultaneously ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties have proven to be rare. Among single-phase compound antiferromagnetic rare earth ferrite has been investigated for multiferrocity.

This canting superimposed, however, is also a long-range superstructure consisting of an incommensurate spin cycloid of the antiferromagnetically ordered sublattice.

Magnetic ordering reveals a non-collinear ground state with the GzAxFy repre- sentation. Kotnala, Jyoti Shah, in Handbook of Magnetic Materials12 Pervoskite Ferrite as Multiferroics In intrinsic multiferroic materials there exists a single phase where at least two ferroic-order parameters show spontaneous ordering.

For these compounds we found an increase of the ferroelectric instability as a function of hydrostatic pressure. We found that the orbital levels splitting at the interfaces is strongly modified by the O—B—F coordination.

Spin reorientation is a more general phenomenon observed in many compounds containing rare earth and iron ions.

Multiferroic Materials

CoFe2O4 has been the most explored spinel ferrite with ferroelectric compound as nanopiller, nanostructured, and bilayer structure Mitoseriu, Going beyond, We have shown that it is possible to achieve multiferroic-induced state in NaMnF3 under epitaxial strain at compressive or tensile strain.

In particular, an increase of ionic A-site radii present a strong influence in FE-polar instability. The later completely different as the one found in oxide perovskites. Spin-driven ferroelectricity has been explored in rare earth orthoferrites. Nevertheless, the magnetic structure keeps the G-type antiferromagnetism such as in the bulk former compound.reference: study and characterization of magnetic and multiferroic materials by first-principles.

Multiferroic materials and devices have attracted interests due to the strong magnetoelectric (ME) coupling with unique functionalities and superior performance characteristics. Strong ME coupling has been demonstrated in a variety of multiferroic heterostructures, including bulk magnetic slab on ferro/piezoelectric, magnetic thin film on ferro.

potential ferroelectric and multiferroic molecular materials a thesis presented to first principles approach to identification of potential ferroelectric and multiferroic molecular materials approved by: dr. david s. sholl, advisor. On the submission of my thesis report of “Synthesis of Multiferroic BiFeO 3 Material by Multiferroic materials, which are a class of materials that yield simultaneous effects of Applications of Multiferroic Material Multiferroic composite structures in.

First principles studies of multiferroic materials What is a multiferroic? Hans Schmid: “A material that combines two (or more) of the primary ferroic order parameters in one phase” First principles studies of multiferroic materials. 1 CHAPTER 1 MULTIFERROIC MATERIALS Single Phase Multiferroic Materials Multiferroic materials, also known as magnetoelectric or ferroelectromagnetic.

Thesis on multiferroic materials
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