The reasons why i dont like the jerry springer show

At this point, the show was no longer about conflict resolution I guess it goes without saying that most of these people are rather, uh, large individuals.

I swear these are the rudest bunch of jackasses on the planet.

If they were staged, they could continue, but what would be the point in watching a fake talk show? The producers got cocky. The show is no longer "hip" or culturally relevant. The guests are a fairly sad lot Then the audience started getting in on the act.

Sign in to vote. The guests and the topics were obviously different from what they had been before: It was at the end of this era that parts of the show were more or less revealed to be fabricated. When it comes time for the question segment at the end of the show, they either stand up and insult the guests in the meanest terms possible or they flash the camera for "jerry beads.

If the fights were staged, however, it would be a moot point and nobody could be arrested for pretending to fight. The man really seemed to care. They finally realized how "cool" their show was and they started acting like it.

Frankly, the audience members come off as even bigger freaks than the guests. If they were real, they would have to stop. See, this show has had four distinct phases.

And by that, I mean that Jerry actually tried to help his guests resolve their problems with as little heartache as possible.

These are the episodes that got people talking. Something that is very rarely discussed, however, is exactly why this deserves to be called the worst show in the history of television. Then it entered its glorious second phase. Was this review helpful?

This is when the show was at the height of its popularity. And god help the poor soul who actually tries to ask a real question! The state of Illinois told Jerry that if the physical fights on his show were real, that the people involved would have to be arrested on assault and battery charges.

They booked progressively weirder and weirder guests, with a pronounced and often unsettling preference for truly bizarre sexual cases. Anatomy of the Worst Show in the History of Television Ayatollah 24 February Most people seem to take it for granted that this show will always have its detractors and that "over-sensitive" types will never "get it.

All of these factors coalesce into a single train-wreck to form the backdrop for what is now called the worst show in the history of television. The third phase is where the trouble started. They started booking guests that were more -- shall we say -- interesting than what you might find on the competing talk shows.

These are the ones that started the Jerry Springer myth. It was this environment that allowed the disastrous movie "Ringmaster" to be made, not to mention the countless pay-per-view shows and the corresponding "Too Hot For TV" video cassettes.The reason why the Jerry Springer show is stupid is that there is a lot of fights on the show.

Another reason about it is that the people are so stupid and makes people look dumb. It feels like watching pro wrestling or a boxing match on every episode. Otherwise, Jerry Springer show has no point at all.

Every person in this country has watched and knows Jerry Springer, so why don't you get to know him too! There's a world of references to Jerry and his show all over pop culture from Austin Powers to The Simpsons.

Watch video · The Jerry Springer Show has been bringing its unique brand of trainwreck TV to sets across the culture for 26 seasons now, cementing its place in history as one of daytime’s biggest success stories. The Jerry Springer Show Quietly Canceled After 27 Years on the Air. “But I don’t know that I can maintain this schedule that has been insane for all these years.” You May Like.

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Aug 19,  · So if you watch these shows, what is the entertainment? What is everyones opinions on these shows? I like the Steve Wilkos show though b/c it's more serious than the others and actually for a good cause, or so they say.

Why do people watch Jerry Springer/Maury? The trashiness coming from the shows just annoys me and I dont Status: Resolved.

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When the "Jerry Springer Show" first aired, it was like other talk shows of the time. There wasn't anything weird or violent about the show. The topics appealed to a young audience, but on the most part it was an entertaining talk show.

The reasons why i dont like the jerry springer show
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