The drawbacks weaknesses of a whisky priest

Addiction — Regular intake of alcohol can create very serious physical and mental disorder in which person gets very strongly addicted to alcohol. His superior notes that if he had believed in all the opposing policies of the eleven governments that he has served, he would be a "stark-staring raving schizophrenic.

The pair argue over the morality of the practice, but Sir Humphrey is adamant that it is not his job to care: This scar tissue restricts the blood flow through the liver, which in turn reduces its potential to purify our blood from harmful toxins, fight infections and regulate blood clotting.

After some prompting, Bernard decides the best course of action is to arrange for the Minister to be intercepted by the Chief Whip. He wants Hacker to investigate the matter and take immediate action. Hacker tells of his concerns, but Gould also strongly recommends they do nothing, citing the outcome of the inquiry that would have to take place if the PM is informed.

And of denationalising it and renationalising it. Bernard recommends the "Rhodesia solution". This very serious addiction can be found all over the world, and governments, medical personnel and various public organizations are fighting daily for better control, prevention, diagnosis and recovery methods to fight against it.

You then go on to suggest that someone else to do something about it. Sir Humphrey explains that a dealer would have to provide an end-user certificate, which should contain the signature of a party who is approved by HM Government.

Saunders stresses that what he has to say is highly confidential, and that he is telling Hacker on a personal level and not in his capacity as a minister. The Minister is nevertheless convinced that right is on his side and his conscience dictates that he should tell what he knows.

This illness is a result of the elevated alcohol level in our blood, which can induce difficulties in breathing, gag reflex and elevated heart rate. Quote[ edit ] Sir Humphrey: The most common examples of impaired judgment caused by drinking are aggressive behavior, drink driving, sexual irresponsibility and in some cases suicidal tendencies.

The next day, Hacker asks his officials for advice. Pregnancy problems — Large intake of alcohol during pregnancy can cause spontaneous abortion and physical or mental disabilities for the fetus malformations and other birth problems. The Minister tells Sir Humphrey what he learned the previous evening.

Saunders goes on to explain that Hacker once wrote an article for Reform, deploring the sale of British arms to foreign despots and dictators.

Whisky Negative Effects and Disadvantages

He asks Bernard to make an appointment for him to visit the Prime Minister: Later, a drunken Hacker is back in his flat, lounging on the sofa, glass in hand. Gould becomes irate and bullies Hacker with several counter-arguments: You say — Bernard, write this down — My attention has been drawn, on a personal basis, to information which suggests the possibility of certain irregularities under section— snaps Bernard: Hacker then removes another bottle from one of his red boxes saying, "Who said nothing good ever came out of Whitehall"The Whisky Priest" is the twentieth episode of the BBC comedy series Yes Minister and was first broadcast 16 December The title refers to the term ".

The Whiskey Priest, Albuquerque, New Mexico. likes. the whiskey priest is seth woods. he lives in albuquerque. he sings & writes songs & he doesn't. Dec 16,  · "The Whisky Priest" is the twentieth episode of the BBC comedy series Yes Minister and was first broadcast 16 December The title refers to the term " whisky priest ".

Plot Jim Hacker and his wife, Annie, are at their London flat. The Minister receives a visit from an army officer, Major Saunders, who has some information that.

The Whisky Priest

The Whiskey Priest - Menu. Whisky Side Effects and Disadvantages Whisky Negative Effects and Disadvantages Alcohol Poisoning – Whisky is a drink that has very large percentage of alcohol in its structure (around 40%), much more than beer or wine (around %).

Whisky priest (sometimes Whiskey priest) is a priest or ordained minister who shows clear signs of moral weakness, while at the same time teaching a higher standard. A whisky priest's shortcomings may include many vices, but usually include alcoholism.

The drawbacks weaknesses of a whisky priest
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