The apprentice finalists business plans

The Apprentice finalists include 3 working mothers

These problems ultimately cost them victory. Owner of a make-up studio Quote: Francesca, with regret - For being the weaker candidate out of the remaining three, lacking a firm grip on her financial records, and raising concerns in regards to scaling up the operation.

Apprentice winners James and Sarah seen for the first time

He has also developed Talent Hub, a division of the business which specialises in experienced sales people. Most money made, wins. On Why I Fired Them Lord Sugar admitted he should have further questioned Jordan on his business deal at this point in the process, after he queried the three men in the boardroom about their business plans and had become concerned that his proposal was not in keeping with the deal offered at the start of the show, implying that he would almost certainly have fired him had he discovered the truth.

She resigned in to concentrate on her family and these days, she is the creative director of Start Up Loans — a company that provides mentoring and finance to 60, entrepreneurs and is funded by the UK Government. Ready Meal[ edit ] Original Air Date: Endeavour received 1, orders, while Evolve received 2, orders.

How she has fared: Although their client demanded a partial refund as well, their spending had been controlled, leaving them to claim victory. Owner, Cake Company Quote: Neil, Kurt and Uzma Fired: She said on the show that having children has motivated her to do better, saying: Although Lord Sugar did not fire Natalie over her weak leadership and allowing Luisa to take over the task, or Uzma for being considerably out of touch with her design expertise and refusing to take any responsibility, he felt that both had done well to at try to step up their contributions unlike Sophie.

Finally, Jordan was the worst received, as although his intelligence was commended, the interviewers felt he had no entrepreneurial strengths, exposed considerable loopholes in his CV, and discovered that he violated the contract negotiations by not owing shares in the company he was proposing for Sugar to invest into; Claude was so appalled by this that he terminated his interview with Jordan before he could have the chance to defend himself.

In the end, they could do little to prevent themselves losing. While sales started slow due to their high prices, their choices on the bike and camping kit, while not selling nearly as well as expected, proved to be sensible choices, with Luisa proving popular with customers and selling a noticeable amount on the task.

Baking companies have been one of the few success stories of the recession, with high street retailers reporting a boom in sales of baking products. Alex, with regret - For allowing Myles to convince him on the less popular concept and attempting to place the blame solely on him as a result, taking bad gambles, waiting too long to be Project Manager, and for lacking the necessary expertise and focus in his prior career to make his business plan a reality.

Endeavour received 3, orders, while Evolve received orders. Meanwhile, Endeavour had little focus on what to sell, and sold very little on the first day; while they earned notable profit on ceramic art pieces, these were very expensive and incredibly niche.

Kurt, who also avoided being fired, was warned by Sugar that, despite making a good impression on him, he had been considered to be at near-total fault for his idea on exclusively selling milkshakes and for making unsubstantiated boasts in the task.

As a child, Frances was world karate champion and a competitive Irish dancer. However, both she and Sugar felt that Neil had been the only member of the team to have vaguely performed well on the task.

This rule stipulated that candidates cannot apply to appear on The Apprentice, if their business plan includes a company that they do not own or co-own. On Why I Fired Them, Lord Sugar noted that her fate was sealed when she gave a list of skills that were not her speciality, including designing, selling and giving presentations, which he considered essential for a new business, adding that her contribution with the market research had done nothing because of the lack of consensus on the product.

Revealed: The Apprentice candidates’ brilliant new business ideas

Neil, with regret - For offering a completely unworkable business plan, and being too stubborn to suggest any alternative. Choose a variety of imported goods from a container, then sell them within sixteen hours.

Myles Project ManagerJordan and Neil. Across the UK, female bakers and cupcake makers without the perilously high heels in the vast majority of cases are forging successful businesses catering to this growing demand. Jordan - For being unanimously deemed the weakest candidate and for offering shares in a business in which he had no stake.

The five remaining candidates undergo a gruelling interview process from four interviewers - Margaret MountfordClaude LittnerMike Soutar and Claudine Collins. Most orders received, wins. While Karren deemed Luisa as being the best performer on Evolve for her strong branding design, she raised concerns that she attempted to do little in the task after her heavy criticism in the previous task, to the point she was deemed a back seat driver, and was trying to set up Francesca as a scapegoat in case the team lost.

Natalie - For losing out on the popular products, failing to deliver on her promises including a CV claim on selling, and for her generally unimpressive track record throughout the process.The Apprenticesemi-final, talking points: interview round seemed softer than usual, plus we have two worthy finalists Save through the gaping holes in their business plans.

Why these female Apprentice finalists give me nothing to cheer about

Series Nine of The Apprentice after he queried the three men in the boardroom about their business plans and had become concerned that his proposal was not in keeping with the deal offered at the start of the show, Semi-Finalists: Francesa, Jordan, Leah, Luisa and Neil.

Allow Apprentice candidate Gavin Swank to help. He’s come up with an ingenious way to impress your visitors – and save time into the bargain. “I want to set up a business that supplies. Apprentice winners James and Sarah seen for the first time The finalists presented their business plans to Lord Sugar in the prestigious City Hall, along with a panel of industry experts.

Why these female Apprentice finalists give me nothing to cheer about Apprentice finalists: Luisa Zissman (left), a 'self-proclaimed Business Barbie' and Leah Totton, who likes to 'disarm with.

Dec 15,  · The Apprentice S12E12 Business Plans, 3 Eliminations Jordon Jhon. The Apprentice: Both Finalists Hired! Shock Decision The Apprentice You're Fired - Episode 1 | BBC Two - .

The apprentice finalists business plans
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