Terrorism threats the world essay

The economic loss and damage that terrorism is capable of wreaking on a country today can be as appalling as that brought about by way of various segments of economy are badly affected by it, but tourism is the worst affected.

Terrorists today take to mafia tactics to extort money from businessmen to fund their activities.

India has a hotter experience of terrorism, dating back to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi when its cruel face first appeared before the public. Ultimately whatever measures are taken, the conditions that give rise to terrorism should tackle efficiently, and that can be done on political plane alone.

Every country has defined terrorism in its own way as per its own suitability. It is a philosophy of Terrorism threats the world essay which terrorists use to destabilise the economy of a country.

This alliance facilitates the task of the terrorist groups to use the same infrastructure set by the drug smugglers to serve their purpose. Former UN Secretary General was of the view that fights over economic resources and political power is the main cause of terrorism.

Nor can this battle be won by government alone, even if it must be deemed to have the primary responsibility for marshalling the national resources and will. It is, today, a much debated issue in all the countries of the world-developing or developed. Terrorists in their operation of activities are very brutal and cruel.

In fact, terrorism is an unlawful use of violence or threat of violence aiming to inculcate fear among the masses. The Constitutions of most of the democracies provide for equal rights, but often these may be denied to one group. Garnering public support to fight terrorism and creating awareness among people to be alert and vigilant about their surroundings is the key to thwarting the evil designs of terrorists.

They offer training and finances to other groups. However, hostile governments cannot permanently create the necessary grievances or potential terrorists where they do not exist.

Today, it stands as a serious challenge before civil society. Furthermore, desires to bring about a change in existing social set-up in the larger interests of society, the terrorist groups seek political goals through the means of violence.

A political system that produces only contentions, allegations and character assassinations cannot suddenly produce a moral authority to forgo new instruments to fight terrorists. These discriminations give birth to a sense of alienation. It would not be out of place to mention that democratic system of governance adopted in almost all the countries of the world directly or indirectly contributes to the growth and expansion of terrorism.

A Threat to Society Article shared by Terrorism is one of gravest problems that society faces today. In this age of Information Revolution, it is easier for the terrorist groups to spread their tentacles anywhere and everywhere.

In addition, indiscriminate firing, bombarding and hijacking are also used by them as a tool to terrorise society. Since democracy offers freedom of speech and movements, more targets are exposed to terrorist attacks.

Every action is carried on for some motives. In modern times terrorism is being used to deliberately create communal tensions, and disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of a targeted society or country. Sophisticated timers are also available to set off the explosives when the terrorists want to do this.

They act cold-bloodedly without any consideration to kindness, ethics and morality. The frustration resulting from such situations erupts in the form of terrorist activities.

Today the Al-Qaeda is dominating the world of terrorism. Terrorists are increasingly making use of bombs and explosives. Terrorists are the greatest enemies of society because they undermine its stability by creating chaotic conditions leading to mass killing, damage and destruction. But the real issue is the land, the power to hold it and to get maximum benefit from it.

It has sprung up everywhere. Hence, there is no universally accepted definition of terrorism. The prevalence of corruption adds to the woes.Terrorism Threats to the African Continent - While the world focused its main effort on the war against terrorism to the Middle East, the African continent is silently grows as a safe haven for terrorist groups.

Terrorism – a Threat to Peace of the World essay is the authority of mint-body.com, If you need to get complete essay on this topic or any other please contact us via Email: [email protected] or Contact Number: for Whatsapp: This essay will aim to assess the extent to which terrorism is the most significant threat to contemporary international relations, whilst also suggesting other factors that have created danger; such as climate change,the proliferation of nuclear arms.

Terrorist methods practiced by many extremist organizations around the world show that terrorism is an international phenomenon. Both qualitative and quantitative changes take place. The number of extremist organizations is increasing; they expand its geography and complicated structure, improve their methods.

Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan Related Keywords: 1- Essay on Terrorism for Kids. 2- Essay on Terrorism with Outline. 3-. Torturing Terrorists The threat of terrorism is a reality that most were oblivious to until the horrific day of September 11, Its’ images will forever be imprinted on the minds of the unfortunate ones who watched the tragic death of thousands.

Terrorism threats the world essay
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