Myth and ritual in harry potter essay

The Greeks then transformed this stork like bird into a more familiar image, one not dissimilar to a peacock. However, this essay belongs to Thomas Underwood.

A paper which looks at the function of fantasy in contemporary cinema, with particlar reference to myth in film, as evinced by Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars series and Harry Potter. Also a winged horse, the Pegasus was a result of the matting between Medusa and Poseidon, and was born at the death of the former.

Just as an adventurer might claim land for his sovereign, a wise traveler would also know when dragons would be about, and then, even whisper to himself, "here be-- dragons.

Odysseus drives a stake into the eye of Polyphemus, and Madame Maxime casts the conjunctivitis jinx on Golgamath. Thanatos was the Greek daemon personification of death, and was loathed by the mortal world.

Another similarity is the attacking of the eye. For example, Hagrid and Madame Maxime bring an ever burning log to the Gurg of the giants, and Odysseus brings strong wine to Polyphemus.

Odysseus can be said to do a similar thing. Finally, I shall look at characters that represent, or are extraordinarily similar to ones seen in Greek Mythology. Virgil then declares the death of Pallas to be the downfall of Turnus.

It is certainly true that both sets of centaurs are extremely territorial. Rowling, and all things associated with it. The Centaurs are also seen within Harry Potter. I shall begin by addressing the creatures used in the novel, along with their connotations, and then I shall move onto the names of the characters that relate to Greek mythology.

Another small point that connects Hagrid and Odysseus is the fact that on their travels, they are separated from their travelling partners- Hagrid is separated from Madame Maxime, when she tires of Grawp, and Odysseus is separated from his crew either by storm, or by their deaths.

We see vast connections between the characters, such as Turnus being the primary suitor to Lavinia, the Daughter of King Latinus. Firenze is the embodiment of Pholus in Harry Potter, and is a civilised being that is known to sympathise with humans.

A cameo role in Harry Potter, was Penelope Clearwater, and whilst reasonably insignificant, her name was fitting. However, one could argue that they are the antithesis of one another, one being white and pure and whole, the other is black, skeletal and tainted with the connotations of death.

I believe that I have at least managed to scratch the surface of the many ties between the two works of literature, and hope that you, like me have learned from reading this essay. He maintained that ritual was an important part of any religious practice as a way of setting the practice apart from daily routine, working to keep it within the realm of something outside, yet part of, the individual.

Descriptions of violence are also similar. He can certainly be compared to Turnus, of the Aenid. In this example we can see connections between the two due to its strong links with death.

Symbols of death frequent the Harry Potter world, but none capture its image more than the Thestral.

The centaurs of Greek mythology fought with the Lapiths over land they believed that they were entitled to, where as the centaur tribe in Harry Potter are very protective over their land and are infuriated when the Ministry of Magic attempts to restrict their territory.

For the final part of my paper, the characters that have a close connection to characters in Greek Mythology shall be discussed. I shall begin my discussing Minerva McGonagall.

Joseph Campbell was a well-known writer in the areas of mythology and ritual, and frequently drew analogies between established religious practices and long-forerunning mythological beliefs.

Politeness and courtesy is stressed- gifts are required to gain their trust. There is a significant connection between the giants of Europe and Polyphemus, the Cyclops that Odysseus encounters.

Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Asides from being incredibly tall, the one thing that the reader notices most about Hagrid is he openness and his family orientated views, He treats Ron, Harry and Hermione as though they were his children. Argus Filch, whilst a minor character, appears in every book. During this essay I shall be exploring J.

Minerva is the Roman name for the Greek Goddess of wisdom and organized warfare, Athena. I shall start by discussing the creature in the title of the book. Michael Harner teaches shamanism to Westerners for incorporation into holistic healing practices.Monsters of Greco-Roman Myth - Monsters of Greco-Roman Myth To have a hero there must be a monster to vanquish.

Monsters in Greco-Roman mythology are often portrayed as: irrational, nearly. Harry Potter - Harry Potter ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, written by J.K. Rowling, is an excellent example of a modern novel that uses medieval influences extensively. Many of the novel’s characters.

During this essay I shall be exploring J.K. Rowling’s use of Greek mythology in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I shall begin by addressing the creatures used in the novel, along with their connotations, and then I shall move onto the names of the characters that relate to Greek mythology. children who want action. The Harry Potter novels fulfil this need by providing action and supernatural events.

The wording of the British novel’s title infers that there is a connecting link to ancient mythology; where the belief is that the Philosopher’s stone offers the.

MYTH AND SYMBOLS IN HARRY POTTER. The Harry Potter book and movie series is a very popular institution. Underneath it all the series is unavoidably mythic and full of symbols. It beings with Harry himself, who is a typical mythic hero. Provides an overview of Egyptian belief, preparation for the afterlife, mummification, the preparation of the body, rituals instructing the dead, the tombs, and ceremonies.

Bibliography lists 10 sources. Filename: Ernst Cassirer: Language & Myth () [ send me this essay] (5 pp) Philosophers are always asking themselves questions.

Myth and ritual in harry potter essay
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