Ms-07b-3 gouf custom papercraft mario

The Heat Wire mount on the wrist swaps for a second mount with the deployed Wire, which is bendable. Ms-07b-3 gouf custom papercraft mario looks awesome in this configuration, but suffers from twice as many parts being easily dislodged.

An unexpected surprise from Bandai was a whole second Gatling shield system for the right arm. The activated Head Sword is bigger than the deactivated ones, since it does not have to fit behind the shield.

The Gatling gun systems can be removed entirely, leaving a more traditional Gouf shield and the 3-barrel machine gun, which I always thought made much more sense than the gun hand on the normal Gouf.

Since they are both Hardpoint releases, you can mix and match accessories. It is very fine and easy to pose, but stiff enough to support itself and the claw end. I love this figure.

At first, I was fixated on the double Gatling Shield configuration and was getting frustrated by all of the parts, but I like that it comes with enough parts and options to pick your own favorite configuration and have it still look good. Still, this is a figure not to be trifled with.

Included in the package are: Secure or not, the setup looks gnarly. I think this is my favorite loadout, since the Heat Wire is so fun and expressive… …and dangerous! I also found that the shield has a tendency to bump up against and knock off the shoulder armor.

SD Gouf Gundam paper craft

It features a metallic orange paint job that looks great. The hefty sculpt perfectly matches the over the top badassness of the Gouf Custom in the anime, and it looks great giving your other figures what-for.

I found, however, that it is maybe made of a few too many parts, or does not fit together quite securely enough, because it is easy to dislodge the gun barrel or the ammo drum when posing.

The Gatling shields are made of numerous removable parts for different configurations. This figure does not disappoint. Love it or hate it, the Gouf Custom makes for one heck of a toy. All of the articulation on the figure is nice and snug, and has no problem supporting the gun system in whatever pose you come up with.

The Gouf looks awesome pitted against another poor mobile suit. One thing I did not realize before getting this figure was how modular the weapons were. My preferred setup is the shield and Heat Wire, or the Heat Sword, but it looks good and is fun to handle however you set it up.

Everything that should move does, including a nicely articulated torso, jointed skirts, jointed shoulder armor, and a really expressive head.

MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Gundam Paper craft

The sword is hard plastic and sharp. On one hand, it takes what was already one of the most infamous and fearsome bad guys from the original Mobile Suit Gundam and cranks up the ferociousness to eleven.

MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom

Posted 5 March, - The Gatling gun is made of multiple parts and features a removable ammo drum, flexible ammo belt, and trigger handle that fits into the hand. As a basic, mean looking Gouf, this figure is a blast.

A GM Sniper is pretty much the worst place to be when an up close and personal Gouf shows up. For such a chunky, imposing sculpt, it moves great, and looks dangerous doing just about anything.

The Double Gatling Gouf is a hulking brute of raw firepower.[ms gundam] MSB-3 gouf custom SD. May 18,  · Gundam Papercraft - Gouf Custom Here's the mighty MSB-3 Gouf Custom with its awesome 75mm gattling gun/shield assembly. This is a high-performance upgrade from the standard ground model (MSB Gouf).

I just love their design aside from other Gundams. There are 2 version MSB-3 Gouf Custom for sale I found on Hobby Search website, MG and HGUC. Super Mario Sunshine: Fruits Papercraft gundam msb-3 gouf custom (1) gundam ms dom (1) gundam msb dom (1) gundam ms.

Mar 06,  · This gundam paper model is MSB-3 Gouf Custom, an upgraded variant of the MSB Gouf that was introduced shortly after the MSB Dom, first appeared in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, the papercraft is created by BlackGentle, and shared by yenc.

There is also a SD version on the site: SD MSB-3 Gouf Custom Gundam Paper Model. This gundam paper model is a SD MSB-3 Gouf Custom, who is an upgraded variant of the MSB Gouf that was introduced shortly after the MSB Dom, first appeared in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, the papercraft is created by, and the finished model by Taurus.

Ms-07b-3 gouf custom papercraft mario
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