Major works data sheet wuthering heights

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AP English Literature I will also need you to turn in your Major Works Data Continue reading 2nd Period: Today, students finished special focus areas — assigned per the Wuthering Heights Assignment Sheet. If you were not here during class, please have your. Major Works Data Sheet Page 2 Describe the author’s style: An example that demonstrates the style: Memorable Quotes: You must have a minimum of five Quote Explain the Significance.

Major Works Data Sheet Page 3 Characters Name Role in the story Significance Adjectives. The extremely religious and grumpy servant of Wuthering Heights. He works at the Heights when Heathcliff and Catherine live there as children, and at the end of the book remains at Wuthering Heights to serve as its caretaker.

MAJOR WORKS DATA SHEET CONTINUES Settings: Significance of the opening scene Symbols and their significance Significance of the ending/closing scene Two Possible Theme Statements & Three Open Questions (Give Brief Phrase from Question) 1.

2. 1. 2. 3. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte A Major Works Data Sheet (available on the PFHS website, under Summer Assignments AP Lit), completely filled out.

2. A one page reaction (approximately words) to ONE of the past AP essay prompts (also available.

Animal Farm (Major Works Data Sheet)

Major Works Data Sheet Page 2 Describe the author‟s style, incl narrator/point of view, metaphors/similes: Austen uses a third person omniscient narrator with the.

Major works data sheet wuthering heights
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