Literary analysis of the works of jack london

His works have stayed in print in many versions, and all fifty-one of his books are in print in hard copy or as e-books. At the conclusion of the story we finally see the man come to the realization, in a round about way, that it was best to meet his fate with dignity, thus giving meaning to an otherwise meaningless and cruel death.

Jack London was also widely known for his personal exploits. Though he wrote passionately about the great questions of life and death and the struggle to survive with dignity and integrity, he also sought peace and quiet inspiration.

On horseback Jack explored every canyon, glen and hilltop. He wrote fifty books on extremely diverse subjects, including short stories. His popularity abroad, particularly in socialist countries, has not wavered. He spent time living and working aboard his 30 foot yawl, the Roamer, which he sailed around San Francisco Bay and the nearby Sacramento and San Joaquin deltas.

Kennedy and Dana Gioia. Labor, Earle, and Jeanne Campbell Reesman. The loss of Wolf House left London depressed but he forced himself to go back to work. Indeed, London does rely heavily on imagery to set the mood of the story, and in this way he draws a picture of the merciless environment his character must endure.

A complete list of Jack London books, by date of publication, follows: He was a colorful, controversial personality, often in the news.

London planned to rebuild Wolf House, but at the time of his death in the house remained as it stands today, the stark but eloquent vestige of a shattered dream. His stories of high adventure were based on his own experiences at sea, in Alaska, or in the fields and factories of California.

Generally fun loving, he was quick to side with the underdog against injustice of any kind. Edited by Susan M. For the sake of brevity, perhaps a short, simple definition would be best; according to the American Heritage Dictionary 3rd ed.

Perhaps in part because of the psychological dualities of his childhood, London frequently attempted to conjoin opposites in his work, such as socialism and individualism, wanderlust and love of home, travel overseas and California ranching, Friedrich Nietzsche versus Karl Marx or Charles Darwin, racism versus brotherhood.

London looked at the fire philosphically, but the loss was a crushing financial blow and the end of a long-cherished dream.

Jack London Analysis

His stories of high adventure were based on his own experiences at sea, in the Yukon Territory, and in the fields and factories of California. Most people considered London a living symbol of rugged individualism, a man whose fabulous success was not due to special favor of any kind, but to a combination of immense mental ability and vitality.

The untimely death of this most popular of American fictionists has profoundly shocked a world that expected him to live and work for many years longer. Flora married John London on 7 September of that year. Master Craftsman of the Short Story. The Snark voyage made it as far as the South Pacific and Australia but was curtailed due to ill health.

However, US literary critics, beyond reviews of his books in periodicals, early on tended to see London as not quite worthy of serious literary analysis or inclusion in the canon see Nuernberg I am anchoring good and solid, and anchoring for keeps.

Several of the books and many of the short stories are classics and still popular; some have been translated into as many as 70 languages. In addition to his writing and speaking commitments, London carried on voluminous correspondence he received some 10, letters per yearread proofs of his work as it went to press, and negotiated with his agents and publishers.

General Overviews There should be more general overviews of London.

The Books of Jack London

London was not just an adventurer who came home and wrote down his activities, however, as he is sometimes characterized, and he did not write only about dogs, though The Call of the Wild made him world famous in That night, a ranch hand noticed a glow in the sky half a mile away.

London was extraordinarily popular in his day and remains so in the United States and around the world. The Critical Response to Jack London.In “The Law of Life”, Jack London depicts the indifference of nature, which controls destiny of an old chief of an Eskimo tribe.

London shows the scene of an old man’s death very realistically.

Custom Jack London Essay

A literary Analysis of Jack London three most recognized works, Sea Wolf; The Call of the Wild; and White Fang. Jack London lived a full life, even though he died at the young age of forty. In his life time he experienced many things, and I believe that these experiences were the catalyst of his novels.

The Books of Jack London. Jack London was born on January 12, By age 30, he was internationally famous for Call of the Wild (), The Sea Wolf, () and other literary and journalistic accomplishments.

Jack London was indeed a very prolific writer. If you feel that additional books or short stories should be added to the list, or, have found links to other literary works by Jack London, please let me know and I'll add them as time permits.

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Jack London’s fifty-nine published works include plays, children’s fiction, sociological studies, essays, short stories, and novels. Although generally known as a writer of short fiction. First Appearances of Jack London's Stories This web site by Carl Bell of Baylor University provides the first versions of many of London's stories that were published in magazines of the day.

The illustrations were often by leading artists of the day.

Literary analysis of the works of jack london
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