In recent years people watch more

The decrease in time spent with the news from has been driven almost entirely by the changing behavior of young people.

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This is the question we had it today in the test 16th may The generation gap for network news viewership, already substantial, has become slightly wider over the past two years.

By contrast, the regular audience for CNN is somewhat more Democratic than the general public and In recent years people watch more identical to the public in terms of ideology. Also, the trends are exaggerated by making the horizontal axis range hours per week rather than hours per week.

Nearly equal proportions of Americans report watching the individual nightly network news programs: These figures have remained remarkably stable over the last 10 years. That number is more prevalent among youth: In addition, it is much easier and cheaper for the masses to watch the films from overseas because of the digital technology breakthrough.

While that represents a modest increase from from 31 minutesthose age 65 and older spend around 85 minutes with the news on TV, radio and in newspapers.

Americans spend far less time reading a newspaper or listening to news on the radio each day 17 minutes for each. More on that coming. More men than women go online to get news, but the gender gap has narrowed in recent years. On a typical day, Americans are about as likely to watch TV news as they are to turn on the TV for entertainment programming.

Young people are less inclined than their older counterparts to seek out news during the day. And there are no significant differences in the time each group spent reading the paper.

According to the data presented by Nielsen, traditional TV is still the single largest video consumption source. Similarly, weekly news magazines like Time and Newsweek appeal to readers across the ideological spectrum. The talk radio audience remains a distinct group; it is mostly male, middle-aged, well-educated and conservative.

African-Americans continued to consume the most traditional TV among races and ethnicities on a weekly basis in Q2, almost quadruple the amount of time spent by Asian viewers, who spent the least amount of time watching TV Interestingly, the drop-off in viewing among year-olds is larger when looking just at persons in TV households TV viewers.

The partisan gap in the talk radio audience has grown in recent years. Inpeople from 24 states and the District of Columbia were reported to have measles. Readership of news magazines, business magazines, literary magazines, and political magazines is unchanged from There was no gender gap on network news viewership in and only a slight gap in Case count is preliminary and subject to change.

Young people are more apt to read a magazine or a book for pleasure on a daily basis than they are to pick up a newspaper. Similarly, people with high incomes also more often say they follow the news because it is important for their work. This data seems to lend support to the notion that digital video is complementing more than replacing traditional TVas total video hours continue to grow.

What About Other Age Groups? The total audience for these broadcasts shrunk by about half between andbut has remained fairly steady since then. Is there anything new in this latest study [download page], covering Q2 ? Looking at the overall picture, live TV consumption by adults averaged 3 hours and 55 minutes per day in Q2, down 14 minutes per day from Q2 after dropping by 2 minutes per day between and Internet users seek out news in the morning at a higher rate than non-Internet users.

The cable news audience is slightly more affluent and well-educated than the network news audience. Were one to average these figures out among the total population bearing in mind that this would dilute viewing time for digital devices such as tablets to a greater extent than traditional TVthe gap would be greater.

The United States experienced a large, multi-state measles outbreak linked to an amusement park in California. The percentage of Americans who regularly turn to cable news channels has edged up over the past two years.

News Audiences Increasingly Politicized

Getting the news at that time has broad appeal. In contrast to the talk radio audience, the NPR audience is fairly young, well-educated and Democratic. Network and local TV news viewership has been largely stable since The increase in viewership of cable news channels since has been broad-based.Liam Payne and Cheryl Split After More Than 2 Years Together: 'It's Been a Tough Decision' expecting their first child was confirmed by PEOPLE in an act for the cameras during their recent.

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Feb 19,  · Geraldo Rivera talks about how he believes hip-hop has done more to damage black and brown people than racism.» Subscribe to HuffPost Live: Both teens and young Millennials have seen their traditional TV viewing evaporate by more than 40% over the past 5 years, with teens down by almost half; Results Recap Top 25 B2C Marketing Charts of More People Under 45 Watch Streaming/Downloaded The State of Traditional TV: Updated With Q1 Data 3 Interesting Stats on Youths.

More men than women go online to get news, but the gender gap has narrowed in recent years.

The State of Traditional TV: Updated With Q2 2017 Data

The increase in online news use since has been particularly sharp. Essays & Papers In Recent Years, People Watch More Movies from Overseas? What Are the Reasons for This? Should the Government Give Financial Support to Local Cinema to Produce Local Films?

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In recent years people watch more
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