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E-waste does not create visible mountains like municipal waste, nevertheless it is a very complex, non-biodegradable and toxic waste. If the circuits are used, tube lights can work on lower voltages.

Furthermore, these activities are carried out without wearing any protective wear like masks, gloves etc. Here is the complete details about it. Landfills are also prone to uncontrolled fires which can release toxic fumes.

One simple benefit of recycling is it saves our resources. The industrial revolution that took place during 18th century in the United Kingdom has spread like a wild fire throughout the world and has usurped the active industrial units.

My own view is that the best solution is for children to learn about recycling both at home and at school. You can sold your wore out metal items for recycling. One should understand and know the importance of recycling waste materials.

As mentioned earlier, recycling of waste papers can save our forests. It will be wise to reuse metal item as metal reserves may be depleting.

In fact trees are our natural assets, you can converse trees by recycling the paper products we can minimize the number of trees cut down a year. E-Parisaraa, an eco-friendly recycling unit on the outskirts of Bangalore which is located in Dobaspet industrial area, about 45 Km north of Bangalore, makes full use of E-Waste.

They also adopt processes so that the work force is not exposed to toxic and hazardous substances released while recycling the waste. It is not only important to have socio-economical growth but also protecting the ecological and environmental surroundings. The other very practical point is that often children spend more time at home than at school and so parents may have more effect.

Careless dumping of batteries which contain harmful chemicals like mercury can spoil not only the environment but also the health of the humans who live in close proximities of landfills. One needs to know the importance of recycling at the same time being earth friendly can help our planet a better place to live in.

Every user of electronic goods must adhere to 3Rs i. This is because teachers have a natural authority over their pupils who are used to learning from them and schools are a natural environment for learning.

This coupled with changing life styles with more disposable income in littering the urban scope with the digital detritus of the digital age called E-waste. Other sources of a waste are consumer and lighting equipment, electrical and electronics tools, sophisticated toys, sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring and control instruments etc.

As far as the common users are concerned, they were making merry with the careless discarding of the E-Waste with complete unawareness of their harmful effects on their own lives.

An Essay On The E-Waste

There are two main reasons why people think parents taking responsibility for this training could be more effective. This is a true and wise saying as the scare resources like flushed water too is being recycled through STP Sewerage Treatment Plant for saving the over exploitation of natural water sources.

Great amounts of energy are used when making products from raw materials. The residues of digital life are too many. Landfills used for waste disposal are prone to leaking and also lead to leaching of heavy metals and other toxins into the soil which may contaminate not only the soil but also the water table.

At present Bangalore alone generates about tonnes of computer waste annually and in the absence of proper disposal, they find their way to scrap dealers.

Incorrect recycling process such as open air incineration, acid bath leaching are commonly used for recovery of precious metals from the e-waste.

In the absence of suitable processes and protective measures, recycling e-waste results in toxic emission to the air, water, soil and poses a serious environmental and health hazard.

Irreparable damage is done to the environment during these processes when compared to the short term monetary gains.

Essay on e-Waste (Electronic Waste) in India (393 Words)

In this essay, I will examine both points of view and then state my opinion. If so, how do I do it? In this way, they would learn about both the theory and the practice. International organizations like the United Nations have quickly swung into the action of carrying out awareness campaigns and many countries particularly the biggest contributors to the pollution have joined hands in making these campaigns successful.

While up till here it is a happy story of invention and innovation and everything was looking absolutely beautiful. Essay on e-Waste in India!

Disposal through incineration is also dangerous as the residual ash contains toxic metals.

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E-Parisaraa, deals with practical aspect of e-waste processing as mentioned below by hand. Further researches have helped in producing power resources like batteries which can supply power in remote areas as well.

But when the reality made its entry on to the dais in the form of electronic waste, a huge chaos and confusion has settled on the minds of the visionary people like environmentalists. Manual works have been mechanized through automatic machines which can work faster than the humans.

We need to start recycling waste to converse our natural resources.the Private and Public Sectors The Economic Benefits of Recycling and Waste Reduction – WasteWise Case Studies from | 2 Contents Executive Summary 2. Why is E-waste Recycling Important September 10th, They quickly understood the dreadful effects of electronic waste aka E-Waste and have started finding the ways and means of tackling the rising heaps of E-waste.

The importance of recycling E-waste can be summarized as below. The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays.

You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Topics in this paper. Recycling; Many might not know the importance of recycling and what it can do to our environment.

"We fully recognize that one-time recycling events are not a long-term solution to the electronic waste /5(5). An Essay On The E-Waste.

Article shared by. refurbishment and recycling. E-waste does not create visible mountains like municipal waste, nevertheless it is a very complex, non-biodegradable and toxic waste. non-biodegradable and toxic waste. Electronic and electrical appliances consist of thousands of different parts made of hundreds of.

Waste Management And Recycling Environmental Sciences Essay.

Recycling Waste

Print Reference An ideal electronic waste recycling plant is one which combines dismantling for recovery of its components with increased cost-effectiveness of processing of bulk electronic waste. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to.

Essay on e-Waste in India! Electronic waste, popularly known as ‘e-waste’ can be defined as electronic equipment’s/products connects with power plug, batteries which have become obsolete due to: advancement in technology changes in fashion, style and status nearing the end of their useful life.

Importance of recycling electronic waste essay
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