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By painting this picture for her audience, Kelley clarifies how poorly the children are forced to live due to the lack of laws. One woman in particular gave a speech that did not necessarily demand her right to vote. She worked tirelessly to have child labor laws passed.

Kelley also uses pathos to convey her message. She persuaded her audience that child labor at the time was poorly regulated and a reform in child labor laws was necessary.

Sorrowful and pitiful were words to describe how Florence Kelly felt towards the act of Child Labor in America. These words speak further than merely her audience of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Kelley also goes into detail about what exactly the children do at work: Florence Kelley accomplished a lot in her lifetime and therefore she is still remembered today.

She uses the logic suggested by the questions to emphasize how giving women the right to vote can help end child labor. It was the rhetorical devices and strategies which Kelley employed that caught the attention of her audience. However, she explained to her audience what consequences would occur if women were not granted their rights.

Florence Kelley set up her speech in ways that would keep her audience intrigued by what she was saying. This adds to the emotion of guilt she wishes to impose upon her audience. Her message is a call to action to all of America.

With that, she starts attacking government laws. Childhood In the times of the Progressive Eraall people — children, women, and men — worked to get more income for their families.

Florence Kelley makes an effort on being a voice for child labor. The first line of her speech gives the audience the main point right away.

Florence Kelley Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sample

Strengthening her credibility helps Kelley to convey her message by verifying that her argument is reinforced by evidence, facts, and knowledge. It was not merely the position she stood which made her speech so inspirational.

This broadens her message to not only those who were there to listen to her speech. Retrieved September 29,from http: While this occurs between paragraphs, she shifts in her tone. Next, Kelley uses pathos to evoke the emotions of pity, sympathy, and guilt to persuade her audience.Rhetorical Analysis Speech.

Florence Kelley Rhetorical Analysis

October 6, to vote. However, she explained to her audience what consequences would occur if women were not granted their rights. Florence Kelley, an American social and political reformer, avidly fought for both woman suffrage and child labor laws.

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Florence Kelley Timed Write In the times of the Progressive Era (), all people – children, women, and men – worked to get more income for their families.

Hence the name “progressive,” all people were engaging in business and needed more education for recently developed ideas. Florence Kelley was a reformer fighting against child labor. Kelley delivered a speech at a National American Woman Suffrage Association convention in speaking against unfair child labor.

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 AP Rhetorical Essay - Florence Kelley “Tonight while we sleep, several thousand little girls will be working in textile mills, all night through, in the deafening noise of spindles and the looms spinning and weaving cotton and wool, silks and ribbons for us to buy”.

Florence kelley essay example
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