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Besides his identity as a singer, he is also a producer, actor, activist and photographer. He is mainly a vocalist and song player but he can play a number of musical instruments including guitar, piano, bass guitar, harmonica and dobro. I like him mostly because of his distinguishable and remarkable vocal.

Nonetheless, she is famous all over the world for her lucid voice and singing style. All such reasons have made her favourite to me.

Stairway To Heaven - This is the best rock song to be made, ever. She was also honoured for selling over 50 million albums in Europe in In fact, I am in love with her songs. Her songs are not associated with musical noise only and they have some special inner meaning.

In fact, to realize the meaning of her song lyrics, a listener needs to be of a certain age.

What Is Your Favorite Singer?

The most important thing about being her fan is her voice. Let It Be - An amazing anthem song that really is the best closing song the Beatles could have as a group.

Requiem - Although on a technical level of achievement this should really be number one and with how much I love even my top favorite songs any of these are really interchangeable, and could easily change by tomorrow.

She was born in He is a very successful and renowned singer around the world for the last three decades. Celine Dion is a pop singer and prefers melodious songs. But her songs are also influenced by several genres like rock, classical, gospel etc.

Who is your Favorite Singer?

Hallelujah - A great and timeless song now, plus there are so many great versions of it and no chief singer who really owns it making that much better. Because of the rich lyrics and pleasant voice, he has become my most favourite singer.

This Favorite singer a nice candidate task card for me and I will explain about her here. He is basically a rock singer and undoubtedly he is one of the best rock singers over a long time.

Celine Dion is popular among the people who have crossed their 20s. Describe someone you would like to meet someday.Find out what singer you truly like.

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Dec 21,  · Who is your favorite Singer - This is hard, I like a ton and never really committed to a favorite, and although I am tempted to list a name of a Beatles singer, or from another classic rock band, I won't.

My favorite singer, Taylor Swift, is a famous and successful singer in American. Her real name is Taylor Alison Swift, she has a father,a mother and a brother.

Sep 15,  · You should use Wikibuy. It automatically applies discounts when you book plane tickets and hotels. Singer and actor Nick Jonas was born on September 16,in Dallas, Texas.

He was raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and is the younger brother of future band mates Kevin and Joe Jonas. All three boys. I'll try my best to guess your favorite singer(: I'll probably fail, because they're gonna be from my playlist but whatever!

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Favorite singer
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