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Hamida is not a religious person and has a different perspective from the people in the alley because she sees a better life in the modern world.

The last group of the three categories would be Abbas. Hamida is one of those people who sacrifice themselves and everything that they have in an exchange for the wealthy life they always have dreamed of.

Another character that shows readers about the alley is Zaita. Already humble and mature, the aftermath of Essays on midaq alley war settled him more.

But his good characteristic cannot overcome the cultural statement of the setting. This idea shows that in Arab culture, people could become a decoy bagger without negative reactions from the society.

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He and Uncle Kamil, with whom he shared a flat, breakfast together every day after opening their shops and before working. For many years, he also regularly contributed articles on a host of topics to Cairo newspapers.

Abbas was a man of good character and judgment. The entire section is words.

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Hamida is a beautiful, shapely, dark-eyed girl in her twenties that longs for fine clothes and a rich husband.

To sum up, Mafouz is trying to define the three different outcomes resulting from westernization. More Essay Examples on Education Rubric Marriages and relationships display in the novel play an important part in reflecting Arab culture. Consequently, his novels portray a realistic world; at the same time, the novels represent a universal social landscape.

He was happy with the life he had in the alley as a barber.

The Role of Women in Midaq Alley

Just as one could imagine, she disdained him until he declared his intention of working for In the midst of this all, Abbas falls hopelessly in love with Hamida, whom he considers beyond him, but his old friend, Hussain Kirsha, argues he must pursue her.

This statement defines the traditions, gender roles and how people are meant to behave especially women. He is the person who could not leave the alley behind and does not want any change in his life.

In addition, he worked for thirty-five years as a full-time civil servant in numerous government ministries until his retirement in Furthermore, they do not have the desire for adventure and leaving their homes behind.

If a person is able to forget everything, good results will come and the opposite will happen to the person who cannot cope with changes in the existing culture. The older generations are the people who do not get affected by the new culture replacing their old one as it is hard to break their habits and traditions.

Some of them reacted to the changes in society during the war and changed for the better, while others worsened. Mahfouz established his reputation in the English-speaking world with the translation of Midaq Alley, whose characters resemble people he met in the coffeehouses he frequented in the neighborhood of his birth.

Even though, he is only a minor character in the novel, readers are able to obtain hints about Egyptian traditions and culture. I never wanted anything more than to live in it peacefully.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Midaq Alley study guide and get instant access to the following: In the end, she decides to become a prostitute for pretty clothes and jewelries.Midaq Alley by Naguib Mahfouz is a novel about a street full of colorful Egyptians coping with life towards the end of World War II.

The role of women in marriage and. To what extent is Midaq Alley an “Arab” novel? - Midaq Alley introduction?? Does this add to or detract from the novel’s overall impact on an international audience. The work of literature “Midaq Alley” by Naguib Mahfouz introduces the audience an Arab culture through his descriptions of different characters.

Each character is used as an. Free Essay: Midaq Alley by Naguib Mahfouz is a novel about a street full of colorful Egyptians coping with life towards the end of World War II. The role of. Free midaq alley papers, essays, and research papers.

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