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Around the same time, Peter also attempted to industrialize the economy. The following year, the Tsar moved the capital to St. Peter invited foreigners to settle down in Russia believing that these foreigners would indirectly be the catalyst that would westernize Russia, and that the citizenry would pick up the Western ideas, arts, and science.

Peter also appointed a personal agent to regulate the affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church. This westernization that the Tsar encouraged helped boost the economy, and allowed the gradual emersion of a stronger Russia.

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Peter punished those that disobeyed his decrees, and in certain exceptions allowed certain citizens to keep their habits if they paid a tax. Through these social reforms, Peter claimed to be serving the common good, and explained his reasons, so as to gain the confidence and support of the general populace.

He made men shave, and outlawed long Asian robes. He shared power with his brother frombut when Ivan died inPeter was officially declared Sovereign of all Russia. It was founded infollowing the Northern Wars, and proved to be a strategically important city, being the key to the Baltic trade.

Peter the Great adopted many of the ideas used by Ivan the Terrible in the fifteenth century. It was through a more efficient aristocracy that Peter was able to control the state, and bring about reforms that would strengthen Russia.

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After creating a large standing army, the Tsar needed to create a navy that could hold its own at sea. This allowed for more efficient nobility that had to earn their power, and would bring more talented and educated patriciates.

Peter based his appointments on merit, and so his government came to be known as a meritocracy. Russia eventually won the war with the signing of the Treaty of Nystadt in To create such a large standing army, the Tsar had to conscript peasants and commoners to serve the military, while Boyars, or Russian noblemen had the choice of either serving in the army or in the civil administration, for life.

It was through these various taxes that the Tsar was able to fund his military spending, and domestic reforms. He also promoted courtly discussions between men and women.

Essay question peter the great to pray, but it was also used as a fortress to protect the area from a possible attack from the Swedes. He even worked undercover in a Netherlands shipyard in hopes of learning better methods of crafting vessels. For them, a less than bountiful harvest often meant starvation.

During his reign the Russian military increased from around 30, men into aboutmen inand that included the newly formed navy. Russia was also dealing with economic woes. This system of meritocracy, made the nobility dependent on service and not on birth.

Peter the Great died in InPeter defeated Swedish forces at the battle of Poltava and gained land on the Gulf of Finland. Peter also introduced radical reforms that discouraged the ancient traditions of the Boyars and in establishing St.

His idea of westernization was the modernization of Russia. While England, France, Spain and Portugal were heavily involved in exploration, Peter was working diligently to bring his nation to the same level as his western neighbors. He ruled as a tyrant and held himself above the law.

Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. Although much of the navy was made up of foreign officers, Peter felt that by modernizing and westernizing the armed forces, it would become stronger.

On his tour of western Europe, Peter met kings, scientists, craft workers and ship builders. The Great Northern War also, and more importantly, made Peter know throughout Europe as a powerful, successful, and ultimately Western style leader of a respected nation.

Without his rule, Russia may not have become the powerful nation that it needed to be in order to survive in the early-modern era. Central government, the central government advised Peter, Peter thought that these reforms of government helped in the modernization of Russia. Peter loathed this backward condition and devised a plan.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Petersburg came to be known as the model European, baroque-style city. Compulsory education became a requirement of nobles, which helped them become educated in martial combat. He left their decomposing bodies on display in front of the Kremlin for months to dissuade challenges to his authority.Peter The Great essays: good collection of academic writing tips and free essay samples.

You can read it online here! Peter the Great This Essay Peter the Great and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 14, 4/4(1). Essay on Peter the Great - Peter the Great was born on June 9, However, according to the Old Style calendar he was born on May 30, He was the son of father Tsar Alexis and mother.

Read this essay on Peter the Great. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Peter had paved the road to a more powerful positon in the world economy.

The reign of Peter the Great was not one of grand humanity but it led his country into the future. His hard work and stringency created a nation of power and influence out of the backwards and laggard realm that he had acquired.

4. When was Peter born? May 30, 5. At what age did Peter lose his father? Three. 6. When Fedor died in without an heir, the choice was between Peter and _____. Fedor's physically-challenged .

Essay question peter the great
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