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A player can let go of that ball and pass it around if he does not trust his teammate. He serves as a model to his teammates, inspiring them to do what he does. Just by the definitions alone, one can perceive what it means, and how hard it is, to be the team captain.

Now, we are ready to look at the different responsibilities of a team captain. This will motivate your team to act the same, creating a cohesive unit that performs well and wins games.

As captain, you must care about the success of the team as well as the success of each player individually.

He enforces positive thinking Being optimistic means being hopeful of something positive to happen. Aside from being a very talented player, the team captain is also the person who is very much familiarized with the sport.

The third is consistency. At these instances, it is the team captain who steps up. This involves putting the most effort into each practice and game and expecting the other team members to do the same.

The Leadership Expert website suggests taking charge, doing more than is expected, taking responsibility for your strengths and weaknesses, leading with actions rather than words and avoiding thinking you are better than the rest of the team.

He gives them hope to go on playing their game no matter what happens. It is important to deliver the ball to someone who is in a good position to shoot that basket.

This will allow a spontaneous and harmonious movements, or rotation of players, on the court. Courage is the second "C" and requires the captain to be prepared and work hard to set an example for the rest of the team.

The first is caring. One can notice that, in ball games, the team captain often talks to his teammates and directs them what to do. Reading books written by coaches and professional sports figures is another way to gather information about good techniques for a team captain.

He is, usually, the most talented player in the team. Positive thinking enables a player to perform a certain level of functioning he never thought possible to happen.

He will try to reinforce the plays that their coach had taught them. To organize means reminding his teammates their respective roles in the team. A team captain must use consistent communication with the team members and always play to the best of his ability at each practice and game.

This will give him the opportunity to familiarize their movements, and will try to adjust to fit in with the kind of game his teammates do.

It is all about the entire team effort. What I mean is a leader among the players.

The team captain loves to motivate his teammates. Leadership An effective team captain leads her team members by influencing them in a positive way.Here the 10 attributes of a good Team Captain: 1. He’s a Team Leader Aside from being a very talented player, the team captain is also the person who is very much familiarized with the sport.

The team captain takes the responsibility to lead his teammates. He acts as the head of the team on the court. He thinks and acts for the. As well as being dedicated to be at all the team’s events, the captain must have the commitment to know all the plays and roles of all the positions.

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He or she is the key person that everyone looks up to; if someone is confused about a play, they must be able to go to his or her captain and find the answer they are looking for. May 27,  · Captain’s Essay By September ***** There are many different opinions out there about cheerleaders, many good, and some bad.

Some think of them as the girls standing by the football field, but I think of cheerleading as a symbol of all the spirit that we can share, and a token of appreciation toward the team that’s being cheered Resolved.

In the working of team distance is not very important barier and changing technology and communication methods allow people to work in a team despite of being separated wide a part with in different location with in same country or. HOME Free Essays Sports Captain Nomination / Speech.

Sports Captain Nomination / Speech Essay. A+. Pages:5 Words In I also received a silver sport award for being a participant of 4 or more A teams. I have also been a member of the Met West 18 years and under Water Polo team for the last 2 years.

We will write a custom essay. I never held as much responsibility as when I was the captain of the cross-country team.

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Becoming a leader and role model for this group of girls was a new, interesting experience. As an underclassman I never realized how much work and responsibility goes into being a team captain.

Essay on being a captain of a team
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