Custom paper book covers

If you own a printer that can print on larger size paper, skip to step 5. She is a very talented and fast working artist, who created two covers with a third coming likely this summer for me that really make my books stand out.

After my book was done, there was all the usual problems of finding the right cover for my story…. Refer to the second part of step 4 if unsure Your done! The results speak for themselves.

Alaura ShouseThe Hiding Paramita is unique in the cover artist world. If you have any questions, I would love to listen. The fact that the sheets were attached to one another actually worked well for me because I had a few books that were so large, that the 11" x 15" paper was not enough to cover them.

Choose the group of like-sized books you would like to begin with and determine which size paper will be needed to cover those books. I worked on mine in the evening, after my little ones were in bed, while watching some of my favorite shows.

I did not tape my flaps, but you might choose to do so they can stay in place better. I cut multiple covers at one time, as many sheet of paper as my scissors could manage to cut at one time.

You will not be completeing this project in a few hours. I used Microsoft Office Word This is where dividing the books by size saves you lots of time and energy. If the paper is exactly the same height of the book, when in the horizontal or landscape orientation, you will not need to do any cutting or trimming.

There are a few things you must consider. I wish her a long and fruitful career! First, follow steps which tell you how to choose and cut the paper for the book jacket.

Check out the tutorial here! Within 3 days, she was done with the front cover and within a week she was done with everything…. If the height of the paper is more than the height of the book you will need to cut it.

I then folded the papers at the crease.

My readers expect the best and Paramita fulfills those expectations. In the time since, Paramita has designed more than a dozen projects, having taken over on existing series and helping to create the look for new ones.

Be sure to leave your page orientation on portrait.Protect your textbooks from spills and damage with stretchable or adhesive bookcovers. Find an assortment of designs at Office Depot OfficeMax. Custom Image Covers. Customize the cover of your Hard Cover Book with your very own design. The design will be printed on one of four substrates and wrapped around the album from front to back.

Book Cover Design

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Custom Leather Book Covers

Custom. Custom. Designed by us, for you.

At Juniper Books we love to create the perfect library for our customers. Whether that means creating a one-of-a-kind book set, curating an entire library with custom covers, or anything in between, the options are endless, and it’s entirely up to you.

Our Paperback custom size Leather Book Cover will ensconce your paperback novel, Bible or other small book, up to " x 7" (xmm), in leather so soft you can fold the cover back on itself like you.

Every story is unique. Every cover should be, too. We sell PreMade and Custom book cover designs to indie authors and publishers.

Custom paper book covers
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