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Training in speeches of social and technical interest designed to teach students to develop and illustrate ideas and information and to inform, stimulate, and persuade their audiences.

Critical analysis of popular culture and Communications coursework media issues related to children and adolescents; deconstruction of media created by, for and about children and youth. Communication perspective of leadership, of conflict, of management of conflict in interpersonal, group and societal contexts; models of leadership as communication phenomenon; use of symbols by leaders to foster collaboration, systemic constructionist approach.

Introduction to the methods and approaches of the health humanities; exposure to key scholarship in this field as well as major methods and approaches; application of such skills to the analysis of cultural case studies such as illness narratives or contemporary debates in scientific bioethics.

Theory and practice of methods in selected interview settings; emphasis on communication between two persons, questioning techniques, and the logical and psychological bases of interpersonal persuasion.

These professionals work to gain coverage for clients big and small, spreading brand Communications coursework and preserving reputation. The International Association of Business Communicators also offers credentials in this field for people who want to display their advanced level of expertise.

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Principles and Practice Credits 3. Additionally, courses taken to meet the minor are not applicable to any other degree requirement.

COM - Reel Legal This course provides students with a basic understanding of the law through the use of films about the law. Survey of methods used in communication research including quantitative, interpretive and rhetorical methods; formulating research questions, determining the appropriate method, planning and designing the research, data collection, and data analysis and interpretation.

Minor in Hispanic Marketing Communication In conjunction with the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communicationthe School of Communication offers a minor with an interdisciplinary approach to the study the Hispanic market, the fastest-growing demographic group in the United States.

May be repeated to a maximum of six semester hours; duplicate registration allowed. MMC - Introduction to Mass Media This course covers a historical and social overview of the mass media and their relationship to the mass communication process in a modern society.

Examination of new media as independent voices for cultural and political movements; principles governing the design, presentation, and evaluation of blogs as a persuasive medium in society. Or they might organize a merger launch that makes a desperately floundering company look like a hotbed of growth and progress, thereby soothing clients into supporting that company and saving it from bankruptcy.

Social perceptiveness, listening skills and reading comprehension are also good qualities to have for anyone considering this career.

Survey of different theories of mediated communication processes and effects; functions of theories in social scientific research on media and mediated processes.

COM - New Communication Technology This course relates the design, development, and the use of new communication technologies to social, economic, and policy implications.

Mass media as social institutions; social responsibility and ethics of the press; history, constitutional development, and law of the First Amendment. Junior or senior classification. The contributions of women and ethnic groups to the evolution of the media; the portrayal of women and ethnic groups in the mass media; issues resulting from the recognition of women and ethnic groups as media audiences.

Speech communication behavior and networks within organizations; recent research on speech communication systems, communication climate, and communication barriers in organizational settings.

This program will also provide marketers, advertisers, and the advertising industry with personnel qualified for positions targeting the Hispanic market in diverse vertical markets.Communication Courses.

COMM Fundamentals of Speech Communication () Credit 3 semester hours. This course is designed to introduce students to fundamental communication theories, principals and practices.

This introductory course surveys current scholarship in five areas of communication theory: group, rhetorical, interpersonal, legal, and performance communication. Please note that only the courses listed above can be applied to the minor, the School will not make any substitutions.

COMM - Communication (COMM)

Take communication courses online for free from top universities worldwide. Browse communication MOOCS in a variety of disciplines and enroll now. Effective communication skills are essential for success in the digital age.

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COMM - Communication (COMM) Home > Undergraduate Catalog > Course Descriptions > COMM - Communication (COMM) COMM Introduction to Communication application of skills and knowledge acquired during health humanities concentration coursework; exposure to specialized methods of inquiry; development and execution of an individualized final.

This introductory statistics course should be taken either prior to or concurrent with registration in COMMCommunication Research Methods, in preparation for courses in methodology and advanced courses in communication processes and effects.

The communication courses and seminars below have helped many business professionals like you develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive outcomes for you and your organization.

Communications coursework
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