Changing views of family in society essay

Essay on the Changing Role of Family in Society

Reduction in time for rearing children is also an important factor. Marriage has become necessary for companionship which presupposes equality between the two mates. The Recreational Function of the family is losing importance. But, for the young children it continues to provide physical and emotional protection.

Changes in the Functions of the Family: The city life at the beginning gave up connection with land and tended to specialise in handicrafts.

In the past fifty years the Parental and the Educational Functions of the family have been shifted to certain external agencies like hospitals, out-patient clinics for mothers, maternity homes, the baby clinics, nurseries, kindergartens, etc.

Modern industrialism has transferred economic production from the home to the factory. Rise of cities brought about changes in the nature of the family.

However, the family is not completely losing this function, but it is transforming this function to some external agencies. However, it is impossible to take away this reproductive function of the family. But they tend to leave home as single adults or married couples, as adolescents or children, rather than as a family unit.

Illicit sexual behaviour is fairly uncommon. This has affected the cohesion of family. Even some of these functions have been transferred to outside agencies.

Some of the functions of family have radically changed today while some others have received more attention of the public. Farm work requires more labour. The child is left to the care of the menials. In agricultural families leadership is with the husband. The family has never been at rest.

Crafts lead to specialisation which diminishes the family. In modern times the farm family is still a production unit but not a self-sufficient one. The Reproductive Function of the family has suffered particularly in the Western societies.

Agricultural economy, especially the plough culture, led to the expansion of the family. The Status-Ascription Function has been weakened since in modern society much emphasis is laid on achieved status. This is met by expanding the family. At some time in the future, the present forces of change may reach out in an unforeseen direction permitting family to regain its old strength and renew its old functions.

The Protective Functions of the family have declined particularly in the West.Essay on the Changing Role of Family in Society. Article shared by. The earlier agricultural family was a self-supporting business enterprise.

The home was the centre of production, distribution and consumption. Essay on the Changing View of Family in Society in Hindi ; Essay on Changing Family Patterns. The feminist view is becoming more influential in its importance of their contribution to our understanding of modern society, as unlike the functionalist view, it considers different family structures and focuses on the current situation rather than on traditionalist views of the family and society.

This essay will identify how modern day society is changing with regards to family structure in particular marriage, cohabitation, step families and lone parenting explaining how this may or may not impact on parenting practices in turn influencing the outcome of children and the formation of their identities.

Changing Views of Family in Society Essay examples Words | 6 Pages A Family Portrait: How the Picture Keeps Changing Growing up I believed that the three bears in the tale of Goldilocks were a family because they lived under the same roof and ate at the same table. Essay on Changing Family Patterns – The family as a basic social institution has been undergoing change.

The modern family radi­cally differs from that of the traditional one. The modern family radi­cally differs from that of the traditional one.

Family - Changing Views of Family in Society.

Essay on Changing Family Patterns

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Changing views of family in society essay
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