Causes for the fall of the roman empire essay

The political corruption allowed the Praetorian Guard to be above the law and announce whoever they wanted as Emperor regardless of whether they were capable of the task. The money raised to spend taxes was wasted on soldiers who constantly had to be replaced until the Romans could no longer afford to send large garrisons of troops abroad leaving their own borders poorly defended and vulnerable to attacks.

They also failed to discover new ways of developing their technology or add to their income when invading other lands. The city of Rome was left very poorly defended due to the deployment of troops to other provinces within the Empire which were defeated and taken by the barbarians making it considerably easier for them to conquer Rome.

He realized that the empire was too large for one person to govern, he split the empire in half and took control of eastern part himself. The colonies were creating their own finished goods and no longer relied on Rome for them. The Roman armies and supply lines became over-stretched resulting in thousands of soldiers being recruited and deployed from Rome into other territories as invaders or defenders.

High military spending left the Romans with very limited resources for other essential government projects such as the building of more public houses and the development of roads and aqueducts as well as leading to inflation. The superiority of the Praetorian Guard, which consisted of the most distinguished and decorated soldiers within the empire and personal bodyguards and counsel to the Emperor, led to the majority of the political corruption in the empire and grew to such an extent that the Praetorian Guard held secret meetings to conspire to overthrow the Emperor and to decide on who they saw as a suitable replacement.

There was no room for promotion. They were herders and farmers who had migrated from Scandinavia. Another main cause leading to the demise of the Roman Empire was the dependency of the use of slave workers.

Diocletian tried to make reforms to make the empire as strong as it was before. To the north of the Rhine and Danube rivers, lived a group of people known as the German tribes. He also built a new capital at Byzantium, on the Bosporus.

Essay: The Fall of Rome

Political corruption was widespread throughout the Roman Empire but particularly in Rome and within the upper ranks of the Praetorian Guard. Even today we have adopted many of the Roman ways of life. The city of Rome was finally overthrown.

The number of slave workers increased dramatically during the first two centuries of the Roman Empire. Despite this, the people who lived throughout the Empire considered themselves Roman citizens and followed Roman laws.

Each one interweaved with the other. Merchants now charged more money because these new coins were not worth as much as the old ones.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised History work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. The dependence on slave labour caused high unemployment and the stagnation of technology for the last years of the Roman Empire.

A couple of years later the Romans sent an army to defeat the Germans and failed to defeat them.The Western Empire fell in the year A.D. Perhaps the premier cause for this decline was a massive economic crisis.

The second cause for the decline of the Western Roman Empire was the generals of the military were creating private armies. The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay study guide by marissaisinthehouse includes 6 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. The great Empire of Rome, the greatest power to ever rule the Mediterranean had fallen.

It was unthinkable. Their faults in politics, economics and other things contributed to their fall. There was no one single cause; it was many things happening at.

Causes For The Fall of the Roman Empire Essay examples - What major events led to the eventual decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Categorized between internal and external factors with broad reasoning, doesn’t lend itself to just a few events as the cause for the actual fall.

Reasons for the Decline of the Roman Empire - The decline of the Roman Empire happened for many reasons. The third century started from to A.D.

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But it all started about A.D. Tribes would want to move in to the Empire but knew if they did, conflicts would come about with the Romans. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Essay; There was many reasons to the fall of the Roman Empire but three stood out the most.

The preliminary reason was the economy begins to decline. The alternative reasoning was Rome Show More. The Fall and Rise of the Roman Empire Essay Words | 3 Pages.

Causes for the fall of the roman empire essay
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