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After a season with rushing yards and 7 touchdowns, Sanders was effectively silenced in the Frozen Tundra with 13 carries for -1 yards.

Stafford and the Lions struggled at the outset ofas they went Finally, Detroit found a quarterback that can lead them to the promised land. The next week, they faced Los Angeles.

The Lions were finally competitive after the Millen days, making gains towards the playoffs. Once again, Stafford would have to shake off his previous troubles against this defense, and once again he rose to the occasion. He also ran in a 1-yard touchdown.

The Lions finished with a 9—7 record but missed the playoffs.

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Chicago had figured out the Lions offense, who was anemic all day and really had no chance. He completed 16 of 37 passes for yards and 3 interceptions; he was intercepted twice by Darren Sharperthe other time by Scott Shanle.

During the opening game against the St. The critical differences between the two teams were at the quarterback position and in coaching. Stafford calmly led them down the field, throwing completions of 19, 9, and 22 to set them up for a 43 yard field goal. He had credentials and swagger as he led the Cowboys to wins.

Stafford played well, throwing for yards, three touchdowns, and an interception in a 27—20 win, the first season opener the Lions had won since Brady Quinn and the Browns went to the lead early, airing it out down the field en route to a lead in the second quarter.

Stafford made the Pro Bowl inand Detroit only lost to Dallas in the playoffs because of a terrible call by the referees. His Waterloo moment was a playoff game in against the Green Bay Packers. They also made the playoffs that season, but lost in the lowest-scoring playoff game in NFL history.

Matthew Stafford’s Case for MVP

Stafford defeated the Cowboys 31—30 in the final game before Case 7 stafford press bye, throwing for yards and a touchdown despite two interceptions; down 30—24 with just 62 seconds to work with and no timeouts Stafford completed a yard pass to Calvin Johnson to the Cowboys 1-yard line; he hustled the team to the line as though to spike the ball, but instead jumped over the line for the winning touchdown with 14 seconds to go, to go to 5—3.

They stumbled through the season, allowing While the Lions still struggled inone game in particular stood out to me, and it was a defining moment for Matthew Stafford. In his career, he has 25 such victories, the most in the NFL since he made his debut in Stafford and Layne even went to the same high school!

Players such as Lomas Brown, Chris Spielman, and Bennie Blades were good, solid players that carried the Lions to division titles and ultimately the playoffs.

I saw two teams that were very structurally similar: All his career he was forced to make plays out of nothing, resulting in the most negative runs in NFL history. Under Fontes, Detroit tried the run-and-shoot offensive strategy with quarterback Andre Ware, and the experiment failed.

Perhaps a great summary of the season, and really of the last 50 years for the Lions, was the infamous Orlovsky play against the Vikings. Welcome to the hell that Detroit Lions fans live in. In response, Moore attacked Stafford and a sideline-clearing brawl ensued. Additionally, they went in the preseason, leading to optimism about the regular season.

After the three-game losing streak, Detroit got in gear and Matthew Stafford began a crazy streak of fourth-quarter comebacks that vault him to the MVP in my mind. The previous year, Detroit had started strong athaving a template to win.

That was finally over following the season, and winning aspirations filled the Detroit air as the city prepared for the 75th season in Lions history. However, the optimism Detroit had evaporated on the first play of the year, when a rookie quarterback out of Boston College named Matt Ryan fired a laser on his first professional pass, resulting in a 61 yard touchdown to Michael Jenkins.

Because he stubbornly did not bring in personnel people, the Lions struck out on several first-round draft picks, drafting duds like Joey Harrington, Kevin Jones, and Ernie Sims.

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Not only did they fail to win a championship, they amassed the worst win percentage of any team in the league since The accomplishment made Stafford the second-youngest quarterback in NFL history to reach 5, yards, behind only Dan Marino. He was one of four rookie starters for the Lions Brandon PettigrewLouis Delmasand Sammie Hill in the season opener against the New Orleans Saintsand was the first Lions rookie quarterback to start the season since Greg Landry in Their only Pro Bowl quarterback was inwhen Greg Landry was voted in for both his excellent passing and mobility.

The Lions did not win another game without Stafford and finished with a 2—14 record overall. This time, Stafford would have to get the touchdown himself.

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A team that is so futile that they can only win one playoff game every 59 years.Patsy Stafford has announced she is seeking re-election for the office of Cherokee County treasurer. You are the owner of this article.

Edit Article or of the press. Case 7 3 Stafford. Case 5 Joan Holtz Answer Key. Case 5 Joan Holtz answer key. CASE 6 1 Browning Manufacturing Company 2. Documents Similar To Stern Corporation Stafford Press. Depreciation Accounting. Uploaded by. Alok Ekka. Accounts Case Study Uploaded by.

monudinu. Depreciation Accounting. Uploaded by. Case 7—3 Stafford Press* Stafford Press was founded in as a one-man job-printing firm in a small southwestern town. Shortly after its founding, Lucas Stafford, the owner, decided to concentrate on one specialty line of printing.

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I'l. William Brunson Stafford is the CEO and Founder of WBS Public Relations. William Brunson Stafford began his public relations career several years ago.

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