Aim global business plan

It has many surprised bonuses and incentives for distributors e. Business Kit with DVD on the product and the marketing plan and other enclosed brochures and literatures.

For example, 1 blister pack or box of C can be purchased at our center in the amount of P and you can retail that in the amount P 1, giving you an income of P Other Bonus for Global Ambassadors: This is an independent distributor site which aims to contribute to the growth and expansion of AIM World, by serving its current and potential distributors, clients and all persons interested in health, wellness and financial freedom.

Hence, more on recruiting people to join the network and not with people who are loyal to the products. If you are a Global Ambassador you are entitled to a 30 percent commissions on all sales done by distributors along your genealogical hierarchy, 20 percent on all Silver Executive and 10 percent aim global business plan all Gold Executive.

This has no quota, not compulsory and no monthly sales volume required. This is the fastest way to earn here at AIM World. To become GE, aim global business plan accumulate positional group product points or personal points from product reorders. You may access your account by logging in using your User Name and Password.

Once you established your left group and right group, They will duplicate the steps that you are doing and you will earn money from their sales activities. As of the present, we have tied up around schools nationwide. Ed Cabantog is likewise awarded as among Best of the Best leader in the Industry.

AIM Global New Marketing Plan Presentation – 12,980 Upgrade

It is a multi-awarded company both for its products and its marketing performance. Thus, if you are currently ranked as Gold Executive, in no way you will be reverted back to Distributor status.

If you and your team accumulated 10 positional points by buying AIM World products remember, each product has pointsyou will be promoted to Silver Executive. When the binary points find a pair on the other side, it will match and will be paid out for 1, pesos. We are allowed only to 16 pairs a day or a minimum income of P 24, per day 16 pairs x 1, Each product has equivalent binary points.

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The binary points that matched will already be pay out for 1, pesos. You are given time freedom in doing your business.

Stair Step Overriding Commission Aside from the unilevel sales, a distributor will get an overriding commission once his or her rank is promoted. Introducing or sharing the products retailing Inviting or referring at least 2 others no limit to the number you can invite to become distributors sponsoring Helping your 2 down-lines to duplicate what you are doing supporting Two basic ways of conducting the activities: Moreover, Diamond has the maximum potential income.

It sold P1 Billion worth of products in 6 years of operation can be verified by its tax payments, having been included in the top 20, tax paying companies in the Philippinesmaking it the No. You can earn a maximum of 16 pairs per day.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. This will apply to any 2, 3, 4 years or any short courses with our affiliated schools nationwide. AIM Global account can also transfer to your love once someday, what ever your fruits bear in your plant they can harvested.

Our income will be withdrawn through our ATM after 24 hours from encashment at our site. Discounts will be given for the succeeding years.

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This refers to the unilevel sales. What will be included in your 1st to 10th unilevel sales are only those downlines who are making a repurchase for that month.

If not then feel free to browse again until you find what you looking for! It involves direct selling. Date of Birth example: The company is that so generous to its distributors. Ghana and Nigeria GP codes will be credited binary points for the uplines in the Philippines.

This is the very reason why in three years, AIM Global has already produced 80 millionaires.


This applies only to global ambassadors who have also members who become global ambassadors. This will automatically be credited to your account upon completing the registration process of your recruit.AIM Global Marketing PLAN, Talisay, Cebu.

likes. "Helps improves daily lives". Your rank in AIM Global will be the same as your rank in AIM World. Unlike AIM Global, you will have Stairsteps commission even on AIM World Global Package!

This is another improvement to the marketing plan! AIM Global Website – Massive Online Marketing System. Full Features; Pricing Options – AIM Global Website COMPENSATION PLAN.

PRODUCT PRESENTATION. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS. JOIN US NOW. Unlimited Income. Putting up a Global Business has never been this easy. We Create more than New Millionaires every. AIM Global's excellent business opportunity in the health and wellness sector provides a successful, effective and well-planned pro distributor, high compensation plan and marketing system.

AIM Global are proud to its product which is UNIQUE and more effective like C24/7, Complete, and Whitelight. 2. Best Networking System: Make sure that you will earn in company's marketing plan whatever will it takes and it must have good incentives. AIM Global Business. 2, likes · 2 talking about this.

Health and Wealth.

Aim global business plan
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